Association of Russian Educational Advisors

Moscow, March 5, 2022

Dear Colleagues,
Association of Russian Educational Advisors expresses great concerns on the situation, which currently is taking place in the educational industry. Our position is that the professional associations and devoted to the industry media should not escalate the conflict between the political and governmental structures in Ukraine and Russia.

There are strong ties between Russia and Ukraine, long-written history and a lot of families and friends on the both sides of the borders. We pray for peace and call on the Russian and Ukrainian sides to resolve disputed issues through negotiations, as for the sake of future generations we should not destroy all the connections in violence.

We are doing all that we can to morally support both Russian and Ukrainian students, and we thank the educational institutions which also support the ideas of people’s unity in the challenging times the world is going through. International students make a great input in the building the world where all the nations are united and respectful to each other, and the cultural exchange and inclusivity are the cornerstones of our industry. There is no place for any ethnic persecution is the field of international education, and the same should relate to the sport and culture.

Thus, we urge all the parties of the educational industry to respect the ethical principles and not to be involved in the escalation of the conflict at our personal, professional and business level.

Sincerely Yours,
Valentina Ozmidova, Chair of AREA Board
Julia Sumatokhina, Executive Director

Moscow, April 2, 2018

In March 2018 we witnessed a rise in diplomatic tensions between a bloc consisting of Great Britain, the USA and various European countries and the Russian Federation.

The Association brings together professionals in the sphere of international education and maintains close contacts with foreign educational institutions and associations. AREA remains certain that the visa application processes for the UK, the USA and other countries will not be disturbed by these recent happenings. Among the aspects justifying our assurance is an official declaration of the British Embassy that nothing has changed in the submission and handling of visa applications for Russian citizens. Russian students can apply for their visas without any discrimination. For this reason, we strongly encourage both students and their parents to prepare the necessary papers in advance.

We are sure that Russian students will be able to obtain valuable experience while studying abroad. Our foreign partners — schools and educational federations — will do their best to make the staying of Russian students in their countries unforgettable. This includes the quality of study and leisure time. They will ensure the students’ safety and create an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect for all nationalities and cultures regardless of political or confessional persuasion.

International education helps to improve mutual understanding and trust between people, countries and ethnicities. Moreover, it demonstrates a commitment to human values and the principles of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation.

This letter will be sent to the FELCA, educational associations of different world countries and embassies of the UK, the USA and EU countries in Moscow.

Chair of AREA Board V. N. Ozmidova
Executive Director of AREA J. N. Sumatokhina
PR Committee G. A. Ugarov
Foreign Partners Committee S. V. Sulimov
Qualification Upgrade Committee P. L. Antipov

Association of Russian Educational Advisors has been found in 2007. The members of the Association are the officially registered in Russian Federation companies with the experience of operation in the field of international education for at least 3 years, and that is their main field of activity.